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i’m really thinking about changing this blog. tell me stuff or things or stuff .-.


haha lol im a really bad blog owner dont say anything about im sorry ive just been DANCE MOMS ugh yeah if you really lurve me follow my ig  “whatifdancemoms” so yeah ilysm and yeah um bai

Blog change???

I haven’t been on in awhile! Haha. Sorry bout that! So! I was thinking about changing this to like, a blog including poptropica, fantage, animal jam, and Dance Moms! 😛 yep. I think you didn’t know about that, but yep! So whatcha think?

Me, PinkStarBritney, Imaanzg, and Minh

So… We met up on fantage, and I was too lazy to take pics on the computer and take all that time cropping… I took several pictures, but I’m only gonna post one because I only used photoshop on one of them. Imaanzg was there too, but not in this pic… Sorry





Sorry for the bad quality… My iPod has a crappy camera. I want the iPod 5…

So, what do you think?


5 Simple Blogging Tips!

Hey Guys!

Have very few views on your blog??

Well this guide may help you get more hits!!

Now lets get started!

Tips For Keeping a Good Blog:

1. Keep your posts a good amount of words:

This is good because if you only put 4 words in on posts there is no point of makeing that post when you can comment it!! And also you can loose viewers becasue sort posts dont keep them informed!!

2. Put Pictures In Heavy Informed Places:

This is important because if viewers don’t understand a post/comment/page they may be to scared to comment!! So add pictures to keep things flowing..So people can understand what you are trying to say

3. Keep Things Updated:

This is key because if you don’t keep things updated people may fall behind or get sick or reading the same old news over and over! People may actually just see it in their heads while doing something else!!

4. Post Random Things Once In Awhile:

This is important because if you only post about on certain thing (Example: Fantage) and you don’t post other things…People may not know the real you!! Also people may just get sick of reading something they may already know from another blog!

5. Hire Other Workers:

This is one of the more important things to blogging! Why? Because if your don’t hire other workers and you head out on vacation..Well your blog wont be updated!! (View #3) And if you only work on your blog things will be flowing through your head like never before!!

I hope this turned out to be a good guide!!


Halloween 2012 On Fantage

First thing first:

1. If you log into Fantage:
Look under mini quests An Ecoin will be there Just like earning 20 Ecoins you can earn more!!
Cick and Watch a video!

Main Topic:

Halloween 2012 Has come to Fantage!!!

What to Do:

Limted Items:

Downtown Events:

Purple square: Info on the Event!!! (Above)
White Square: Limted Items!! (Above)
Part of Pink Square: Costumes!! (Above)
Green Square: Voting For Pumpkins:

Yellow Square: Mini Games & Movie!

White Square: Movie Black Square: Pumpkin Carving:

Red Square Pumpkin Smash!:

Blue Square Candy Shuffle:

Costume Judging:
To find him..Find a Count with a Table That Says Costume Judge!

Mini Games Around Fantage!:
Around Fantage there are MORE mini games for prizes!!!! You HAVE to look all around for them!
Where I found More Mini Games:
1. Le Shop
2. Stellar Salon
3. Sun Block
4. Vintage Classics
5. Id Phone Shop
6. The Funiture Store
7. Jesters Costumes
8. Board Shop
9. NOT the Oasis (Why? Its under reconstruction!)
10. Castle Relators 11. If YOU find more comment!

If there is anything else missing in this post about the event….Plz Comment! Or if You have questions…Plz Comment!

Recolor of Hello

Recolor of Hello

Lemonade Event On Fantage Still?

Look at title then read on……

I went to the Carnival thingy to collect a pet treat to like level up AND THEN I saw the Lemonade things still there…
Sooooo if I had enough ecoins I would buy an outfit….

Biyaa for now!!!~

Voting For Ur Fashion Star (on my blog)

Voting for the pink theme is starting!!!!

Voting will be up for a week (Or until July,18th,2012)

Click Here!!! For More info!!!





I HOPE U CAN VOTE!!!! *im hyper*

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