Updates~By Hello7563

Here This Post Will Have Updates For Each Month (like updates from fantage,this blog,other things)
1. The Its Just a Hamster Story Page Has Been Updated
2. There Is a New event on fantage
3. The Campground Area from the last event has stayed but is closed for the season
4. I need More Hits They Have been coming down
5. iSnowFairy Has Reached her 55,000 Goal For August
6. My Goal Before September Is going ok
7. Tara Still Commented the most on this blog with cute_gravity catching up
8. I have 17 Following my blog….But i was hoping more by now
9. Where Did Zoe,And some of my other workers end up????
10. My Blog Has Been Getting More Comments Then Hits A Day I bet
11. My HomePage ALWAYS get the most views…..does anyone visit my other pages or are they there for nothing?!?!?!?!??
12. This Post Is Going On Most Blogs I work AT!!!!!
13. Fantage Is Always Slow (as in loading up)
14. Greatest Advertising Is My Newest Blog
15. I have Been Coming up with updates
16. Some Day MY blog should get 1000 Hits in a day
17. Can u advertsie this blog (as in hello7563 blog)
18. Everytime u advertise my blog (hello7563) u get 20 dog paws
19. I lost power 5-10 times this week
20. I like Pie but not planes
Stay tuned for more!!!!

About Lyn

I'm that one girl who really loves bands and youtubers and writing. ♥

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